VoIP Gateway TAU-2M.IP

  • high quality of sound 
  • 2 FXS port 
  • LAN interface 10/100Base-T 
  • VLAN for each service 
  • autoconfiguring (TR-069, DHCP) 
  • 3G/4G-redundancy 
Triple Play Home terminal TAU-2M.IP – subscriber’s gateway with built-in router intended for connecting analogue telephone and facsimile sets to IP network. The service is provided via a convergent data transmission network, where different IP-PBX can be used as the switching node. 


VoIP gateway TAU-2M.IP is provided with 1 FXS port onboard for connecting analogue telephone and facsimile sets, 2 ports LAN 10/100 Base-T for connecting PC and TV consoles STB to Internet network as well as port WAN 10/100 Base-T. USB port is intended for connecting 3G/4G modem. 


In case of loss of basic connection to Internet network there is a possibility to automatically switch over to a standby channel 3G/4G. In case of absence of a standby channel, calls between subscribers still can be switched over. 

High quality of sound 

High-performance hardware platform on the basis of an up-to-date Realtek chip, support of all basic audiocodecs used in VoIP networks (G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729), echo cancellation functions, silence detector, comfortable noise generator, reception and generation of DTMF signals as well as mechanisms of traffic prioritization (QoS) ensure high quality of voice information.

Transmission of faxes 

Transmission of facsimile messages is implemented by means of audiocodec G.711 pass-through and according to T.38 protocol. 

Additional types of services 

TAU-2M.IP subscriber is granted access to a wide range of VAS services: transmission of a call, call holding, tripartite conference, interception of a call, calling line identification presentation, redirecting, hot/warm line and etc. 

IMS Ready 

Support of IMS extensions allows using TAU-2M.IP with different IMS platforms. 

Ease of use 

The user-friendly control interface as well as supporting means of group-type automated control on the basis of TR-069 and DHCP (DHCP-autoprovision) protocols ensure ease of using unlimited number of TAU-2M.IP gateways on the operator’s network. 

Eltex.ACS (TR-069) autoconfiguration system 

The autoconfigering system Eltex.ACS implemented on the basis of TR-069 protocol provides an operator with a convenient functionality for controlling SW versions and configuration of subscriber’s devices TAU-2M.IP as well as different CPEEltex and other vendors. Eltex.ACS automatically loads an individual configuration into a device in accordance with the subscriber’s account data. A function of intellectual upgrading SW versions works successively with the devices on the network by renewing the groups of devices according to assigned queue discipline. System Eltex.ACS is provided with North Bound Interface (NBI) for coupling with OSS complexes. 

Management system based on DHCP autoprovision 

The control system based on DHCP-autoprovision option allows loading configuration into gateways and upgrade SW version according to DHCP protocol. The system algorithm has been developed taking into account experience of gateways operation on the largest operator networks.