VoIP Trunk Gateway SMG-4

  • up to 16 Е1 flows (RJ-48) 
  • up to 768 VoIP channels 
  • IP-PBX for 2000 SIP users with VAS and LAES support 
  • scalable 1U platform 
SMG-4 platform can be used as a trunk gateway for conjugating signal flows and media flows of TDM and VoIP networks.


SMG-1016M provides a possibility of uniform distribution of investments for scaling within the entire period of project implementation. 

Functional compatibility 

Strict conformity to the requirements of up-to-date protocols, recommendations and standards ensure 100% functional compatibility of SMG-4 with different equipment: digital АТS, IP-PBX, Softswitches, VoIP gateways, SIP telephones, program SIP clients, etc. 

Transcoding media flows 

The hardware transcoding based on MediaCodecs Mindspeed Technologies helps coordinate media flows with different VoIP codecs. 

Intellectual protection of IP networks 

The intellectual protection against unauthorized external connections of SIP users (fail2ban, iptables, white/blacklists, etc.) has been implemented in trunk gateway SMG-4. 

RADIUS routing 

Intellectual call routing based on the billing system responses according to RADIUS protocol will help build flexible rules for calls processing.


  • up to 128 VoIP channels 
  • up to 4 Е1 (RJ-48) Call Flows 

Signaling Protocols 

  • TDM: SS7, PRI DSS-1 

Call Management 

  • flexible call routing 
  • E1 channel switching 
  • setting mode service of users 


  • Conversion types of VoIP codecs 
  • Conversion between T.38 and G.711