SHDSL-modem MXL2E-2

SHDSL-modems are designed to arrange new digital trunks over physical lines and to enlarge the capacity of existing systems according to G.shdsl technology, that enables to achieve maximum data rate up to 11,4 Mbps on 1 pair (ITU-T G.991.2 standard).

These modems have extended network functionality: it is added DHCP  server,  firewall,  NAT,  bonding.
MXL, MXL-2E series devices meet its class requirements at building  of  digital  data  transmission  systems .

DP sub-system

MXL, MXL-2E have a scalable architecture, that additionally   increases  efficiency of operation. It is possible to install one or two DP sub-cards. Each sub-card servs one direction and operates  on  one- or  two-pair  scheme. Polarity reversal function enables to determine last available transmission  trunk area. 

RDSL2-2 regenerators

RDSL2-2 is designed for rerecieving of DSL flow and retreiving of signal level. Regenerator application enables to enlarge DSL line  extension  or channel capacity.
RDSL2-2 regenerator is designed for operation on two pairs at  maximal rate  is 11,4 Mbps per each pair.
Power supply of regenerator is realized distantly by DSL lines. Quantity of regenerators, powered from one side, is determined by parameters of remote power supply unit and it can be equal to 6.

Analog service traffic

Analog service traffic is used to communicate with stuff, working on trunk from the nearest regenerating station in case of  transmission system operating irregularity. System of analog service traffic consists of two parts: transformer decoupling with line into modem and  self-contained unit of analog telephony  with operator`s amplifier and microphone, connected to special connector of equipment. Functionality is optional.

    Digital service traffic (for MXL2-2 only)

    Digital service traffic was included into package contents of equipment for operative communication of service staff from different ends of trunk without communication interruption. Access to digital service traffic and transmission trunk selection is realized by front panel of device. Conversation can be realized by means of handset or  loud-speaking communication.  It is used one of the  flow speech channel. 


    To monitor object state and to send alarm information to higher equipment there are two telemetry sensors into devices. There are two dry contacts relay to control the devices.

    Protection system

    The equipment is supplied with reliable two-laier overvoltage and overcircuit protection.

    Remote monitoring and control

    Configuration of device is realized via  Web interface, telnet or serial cable. Also it is possible to arrange local and remote loopback distantly.