Sessions border controller SBC-1000

  • up to 500 simultaneous connections 
  • protection of business processes 
  • efficient control 
SBC-1000 is a component of VoIP network participating in the process of call servicing as the sessions border controller. The device ensures signal protocol normalization, protection of operator’s network from unauthorized access and different attacks, statistics gathering. 


SBC-1000 is used on the borders of IP networks:  
  • between networks of communication operators 
  • between operator’s network and Client’s corporate network 
  • between operator’s network and public network 

Functional capabilities 

  • ensuring security of communication operator’s network 
  • broadcasting public IP addresses1 
  • flexible distribution of standby routes 
  • extended firewall settings 
  • collecting statistical information1 
  • transcoding mediaflows1 
  • alarm messages journal 
  • linear scaling1 
  • access monitoring by RADIUS1 
  • working with subscribers behind NAT
  • SDP analysis and verification 
  • support of end-to-end SLA1 
  • fail2ban protection mechanism 
  • RTCP monitoring support 
  • control of RTP sessions 
  • effective control 
  • black and white lists 
  • QoS1 quality control 
  • integration with Eltex.EMS
  • conversion of signalling protocols 
  • load balancing between trunks 
  • trunks with registration 

NAT detour 

A necessary function for ensuring transparency of IP networks for voice and video traffic. Operation with different types of NAT is possible. 


SBC-1000 ensures the operator’s network protection against unauthorized access and DoS attacks. The intellectual access control, the incoming load limitation and network topology hiding are used as the tools for ensuring safety. 

Network topology hiding 

The use of SBC-1000 helps provide access to the operator’s or corporate network from an external untrusted network ensuring protection of Company’s commercial interests. The following mechanisms get supported: 
  • intellectual broadcasting of IP addresses for signal and media traffic 
  • full-featured B2BUA provides a required level of networks isolation 


Using cluster redundancy pattern and backed-up electric power supplies ensures the full-featured redundancy. 


SBC-1000 provides for interaction between terminal devices and non-overlapping sets of codecs as well as various implementations of SIP protocol extensions.