Multimedia contact centre CCS-5000

  • Multilevel active-active redundancy 
  • Linear scaling 
  • Hot software upgrading 
  • Possibility of integration with АWS of external vendors 
  • Voice-controlled IVR menu 

CCS-5000 contact centre 

CCS-5000 is a multimedia platform for an ECSS-10 family products intended for building different-level contact centres: from enterprise solutions to heavy-duty operator-class reserved systems. 

Functional capabilities 

  • Intellectual calls routing 
  • Possibility to organize queues 
  • Processing different methods of addresses 
  • User-friendly control interface 
  • Interactive voice menus (IVR) 
  • Synthesis and recognition of Russian speech 
  • Autoinformer 
  • Audio- and video conference link 
  • Recording conversations and conferences 
  • Analytical reporting 
  • Flexible differentiation of user rights 
  • Possibility of integration with any АWS/CRM 
  • SYSTEM-112 functions support 
  • Integration with SSW "Helios ТС-112" (АWS of System-112) 
  • Integration with ECSS-10 Softswitch/UC
  • Integration with Eltex.EMS system 
  • Possibility of using by SaaS model 
  • Possibility of integration with business applications 

Intellectual routing 

Using statistical routing rules in CCS-5000 ensures: 
  1. Optimal quality of call handling; 
  2. Uniform load distribution between operators. 

Architecture, reliability and interoperability 

The modular design, clusterization support and monovendor feature of all system components ensure high level of reliability. Implementation of standard protocols and interfaces allows to easily integrate various business applications as well as applications of special software. 

Voice-controlled IVR menu 

Support of functions of synthesis and recognition of Russian speech allows building high-efficiency voice-controlled IVR menus with non-standard inquiry automation. 


The use of Erlang/OTP functional language of programming as well as architecture built on the basis of parallel calculations ensure the most optimal pattern of multilevel active-active redundancy, which allows to fully preserve all connections in case of failure of any system component without service interruption. 


Disaster tolerance, a key requirement among those made to System-112, is one of the basic principles embedded into architecture of CCS-5000 contact centre. Applying standard open protocols and interfaces helps integrate any AWS of SYSTEM-112 into CCS-5000. Presently, the integration with SSW “Helios ТС-112" (Tekhnoserv) has been completed. 

Analytical reporting 

Various standard and individual forms of reporting are being supported both online and retrospectively. There is a possibility of preserving individual forms of reporting with assigning accessibility feature for other Supervisors. Graphical presentation of information simplifies analysis of acquired data. 


A common algorithm for processing voice, media and text inquiries provides for a wide spectrum of research communication channels with contact centre operations. Upon arrival of an inquiry irrespective of the selected channel the operator’s screen will display the earlier accumulated context-dependent information. Each operator may simultaneously handle a specified number of inquiries.