Flexible multiplexor Маkом-МX

  • Digital E1 interfaces (HDB3/AMI). 
  • Digital PCM-15 1024 Kbps interfaces (NRZ, HDB3, AMI). 
  • FXS – two-wire line to connect the physical end-user devices with alarm FXO – two-wire physical lines included in the PBX subscriber sets. 
  • 3-wire physical connection lines with alarm battery means. 
  • 2-x/4-x/6-x wire end of the frequency channels of analog transmission systems equipment. 
  • 2-wire physical lines of MB system. 
  • Asynchronous digital interfaces V.24. 
  • Asynchronous digital interfaces V.24, V.11,V.35, V.36, X.21. 
  • Digital codirectional 64 Kbps (G.703.1) interfaces. 
  • Telegraph interfaces. 
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T. 
  • Fiber-optic communication line (E1+Ethernet). 
  • Digital interfaces SHDSL.