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  • error counters (content, transport) 
  • viewing statistics (channel viewing time, ratings of channels) 
  • operates with UDP and HLS protocols 
  • operates both without middleware and with our partners’ middleware 
  • bunching of devices by different criteria 
The system of monitoring and statistics gathering by Eltex.QMS provides online monitoring of content parameters, its delivery and reproduction. Owing to Eltex.QMS system you can save time and money spent for retrieval and removing reasons of diminution of rendered services quality. The system helps gather statistics for every STB console, for every broadcasting channel. 

“Transparent” network 

The system Eltex.QMS allows monitoring the quality of service rendered up to the media centre, as well as to significantly simplify the procedure of detecting and eliminating reasons of subscriber reporting to technical support service. A necessity of continuous monitoring is especially relevant for wireless local network, since it is the least resistant to disturbances and additional equipment interference.
  1. Client part It is integrated into subscriber’s console. It counts readings and sends reports to the server as scheduled or in response to a changed status. If necessary, current readings may be displayed on a TV screen (e.g., to communicate them to an operator when addressing the technical support service)
  2. Server platform It collects, accumulates and processes data from subscribers
  3. Analytics and statistics system It demonstrates monitoring results in graphical and tabulated form with a possibility to export data to a file


It accumulates and analyses the error counters, collects channel viewing statistics. The system is universal, it works both with UDP protocol and a popular adaptive broadcasting protocol HLS. The counters have been implemented at the system level and they use the hardware capabilities of boxes to a maximum extent for getting true results. 

Types of counters UDP 

Unsynchronization counter (irregularity of receiving packets). 
Counter of reroutings IGMP (flow “fallout”). 
Counter of lost Ethernet packets. 
Counter of errors of flow continuity TS (content). 


Average time for segment downloading. 
Maximum time for segment downloading. 
Population of playout buffer. 


Eltex.QMS server allows processing a flow of reports from subscriber boxes and collects them into a unified database, which is used for further statistical processing. Eltex.QMS server is a set of packages for Linux OS. The system starts in the operator’s network in the background mode with no restrictions for subscriber services. 

Analytics and statistics 

QMS system includes a convenient data visualization tool. It will be useful both for technical support service experts and the operator’s marketing service experts. Apart from the technical information it allows to look through statistics of TV channel viewing to determine preferences of the subscribers. Graphical and tabulated reports allow grouping subscriber devices by different criteria.