Features and Benefits
  • Monitoring the main parameters of devices 
  • Text and graphic online display of device failures  
  • Grouping of linear terminal into nodes with possibility to view all failures of a selected node  
  • Automatic search for Eltex devices on the network 
Eltex.EMS is a centralized management system for network equipment manufactured by Eltex Enterprise Ltd. 

The Eltex.EMS system is a client-server based architecture. A single access server is represented by a Web-based interface that allows for independent simultaneous control of different network elements. 

The Automation Control Subsystem (Northbound Interface) 

The Automation Control subsystem (Northbound Interface) enables to interface the EMS with the superior OSS/BSS provider. In particular, it allows docking with the operator's billing system using open standardized protocols, which allows automating the routine operations such as mass disconnection of subscriber ports in case of unpaid services and subsequent reconnection in case of payment, as well as changing the devices configuration. 

Flexibility of the delivery of packages

Possibility to install packages for the type of equipment being used allow for optimal load of the operator's server resources, monitoring the real-time network status data and efficient use of human resources. Thus, you can get the most effective output from the system. 

Installing the system 

Eltex.EMS system can be represented as standard Linux-distributions of two main popular formats rpm and deb, as well as in the form of the ready ISO-image that can be quickly installed on both a real host, and the supervisor of virtual machines. This allows you to quickly deploy a monitoring system in the shortest possible time.

Support devces

  • PON Equipment
    • GPON
      • OLT LTP-8X
      • MA4000-PX
    • EPON/TurboGEPON
      • OLT LTE-2X
      • OLT LTE-8X
  • Ethernet Switches
    • Access
      • MES1024 
      • MES1124
      • MES2124
      • MES2208P
      • MES2124P
    • Aggregation
      • MES3108F
      • MES3116
      • MES3124 
      • MES3124F
      • MES5248
  • VoIP
    • Trunk Gateways
      • SMG-1016M
      • SMG-2016
    • VoIP Gateways
      • TAU-16.IP
      • TAU-24.IP
      • TAU-32M.IP
      • TAU-36.IP
      • TAU-72.IP
      • MSAN MC1000-PX
    • Softswitch ECSS-10
    • MXA-32
    • MXA-64
  • Power Supplies
    • UEP2-3
    • UEP2-5
    • UEP3-3

Key features of the system 

  • Ability to backup the system  
  • Monitoring of key device parameters: uptime, temperature, CPU utilization, fan operation, software version, serial number  
  • Statistics monitoring by physical and logical interfaces  
  • Monitoring of the temperature of station devices accompanied by charting and email notifications 
  • Group operations with devices  
  • Visualization of the device appearance with the display of relevant information about the status of ports and sensors  
  • Management of subscriber profiles on all types of devices  
  • Monitoring of the power supply 
  • Automation of the devices software update  
  • Automation of work with configuration files  
  • Collection and storage of emergency messages received via SNMP  
  • Quick launch of the basic configuration tools: SSH, TELNET, Web  
  • Centralized collection of messages from device via Syslog protocol with the ability to filter and upload data in text format.  
  • Management of subscriber ports: DSLAM, PON, VoIP configuration, profile assignment 

Additional capabilities of the system for PON equipment 

  • Information of optical interfaces: module type, optical power and received signal strength, measured distance  
  • SFP modules management 
  • Information on the number of active subscribers of the PON network  
  • Condition monitoring and statistics gathering on the Internet, VoIP, IPTV services for GPON subscribers 
  • Quick search of subscriber devices in the optical trees among Eltex line terminals  
  • Statistics on activity of PON subscribers  
  • Management of system of mass automatic software updating of subscriber PON devices  
  • Ability to track emergency ONT upon frequent connection or departure from the RSSI parameters 
  • Information on the established PPPoE sessions 

Additional capabilities of the system for VoIP equipment  

  • Testing of ports in TAU devices 
  • Configuring of ports, profiles, dialplans, serial groups, firewall in TAU devices  
  • Receiving and displaying of emergency messages from Softswitch ECSS-10



EMS serverThe system for receiving, processing, interpreting, distributing and managing of data
DatabaseData storage, built on the basis of the MySQL database. The database contains a list of network objects and individual access settings for each device (snmp - Options). Also, the database is used to store user accounts, device messages, etc.
Web Service SOAPService, being a part of the Eltex.EMS system, by which the interfacing with higher OSS systems of a provider is carried out
Web browserSoftware for query, processing, output of information, the main control (located in the operator's workplace)
Client SOAP/TL1The system, being a part of the OSS provider, by which the interfacing with WEB Service SOAP/TL1 of the Eltex.EMS system is carried out..